Ayurvedic Packages

Every packages includes accommodation, Ayurveda, Treatment food, Daily Yoga & meditation classes.




3 Nights / 4 Days 15000 / Single 22000 / Double
7 Nights / 8 Days 35000 / Single 51000 / Double
14 Nights / 15 Days 70000 / Single 1,00000 / Double


Taildhara, Shirodhara, Takradhara, Kvathdhara, enhances strength, removes fatigue, enhances vitality, helps in eyes, nose, throat, and ears disorders, Vata related head diseases, relieves headache, helps in curing migraine

In Shirodhara a fine steady stream of a liquid is poured on the forehead. There are 4 kinds of Shirodharas: Taildhara (with lukewarm oil), Dugdhdhara (with milk), and Takradhara (with yoghurt), and Kvathdhara (with decoction). The effects of Shirodhara come from two aspect of the treatment: First is the physical effect of the steady stream on the forehead. Second is the nature and contents of the liquid that is poured on the forehead. Among the benefits of Shirodharas are:

Shirodharas have a strong effect on impact on the nervous system by calming of the mind and all the sense organs. Recent research indicated also good effect in high blood pressure.

Ayurvedic oil massage

Ayurvedic oil massage is part of the pretreatment. It is a soft body massage with herbalised oils "in the direction of body hair". It is performed in a synchronized way by two ayurveda technicians. It gives the following benefits:

Vagbhatt, one of the classical Ayurvedic scriptures, states: "Abhyanga should be done every day. It pacifies old age, fatique, excess of Vata, and alleviates problems esp. of the head, ears, soles and feet." .